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Opera Mini Smarter mobile browsing free download

Opera Mini is browser for mobile phones and developed by opera. Opera Mini gives the mobile Web experience than you ever thought possible. Clean, simple and elegant user experience is for you, no matter what phone you have. Opera offers a completely new look and a class of its own, with smooth animations and visual graphics.

Opera rendering engine displays entire web pages, such as a computer, and is fully compliant with standards. Modify Web pages cards easy, and Speed Dial will bring your favorite Web sites with one click. Opera’s user interface is well designed for browsing your smooth and efficient, and the touch screen and keyboard devices. Browser fits comfortably to changing between portrait and landscape mode and you can also adjust the font size for easy handling.

features of opera mini:

  • A first-class mobile Web experience
  • Browse more, wait less
  • Save money on data charges
  • Multitask with tabs
  • Feel at ease on any device
  • Instant access to your favorite Web sites
  • Enter addresses with far less typing
  • Read the largest pages comfortably
  • Your view where you need it
  • Type without losing focus
  • Your data, wherever you need it
  • Manage your downloads
  • Great access to your bookmarks
  • Read a page any time, from anywhere

download Opera Mini 4.2

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